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"All vac-suits are identical?"

Golgothan types: yeah. No nonsense, simple, robust. No one skimps on a vac suit. You may be in it for days or weeks. Don't forget, Golgotha is a mining station.


"Every item has a fiat price?"

No, but there's a range that most products and services fall into determined by tte market (Golgothans, buyin' and sellin').


"Nothing is haggled for?"

Absolutely, but again within that market range.


"Also - erg-creds. If the money is credits towards energy, who backs them? Are they managed in a bank?"

I'm uncertain how to work this. Energy production is decentralized on and in Golgotha with multiple small fission plants all over the damned place as well electricity excessed from various ship fusion pulse drives.

How this translates into a stable currency is a damned good question. I'll have to research the subject.


"Crimes that would require a professional detective will probably go unsolved"

No doubt. Fortunately a small, busy population makes for a low crime rate.


"you may end up with actual professional detectives."

Mebbe. Early in Golgotha's independent history they dicked around with the ancap notion of private security/law enforcement. Didn't take long for folks to grok that such a thing is one step away from bein' 'regulated' again. They reckoned (rightfully, I think) that sane, self-responsible individuals don't need hired overseers, but they could very well make good use of a Mike Hammer or Sam Spade.


"Advanced forensic tech may help."



"Who says they have to drag? Could be a family member, could be a good friend. Could be someone willing to be hired. Could be organized crime. Also, a 'party' is not necessarily an individual. Could be a family against one person. Could be none of the above - posses and lynch mobs historically have frequently included plenty of volunteers."

Good points...have to mull over how the balance out against the Law.
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