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"When temporaries and immigrants arrive in bunches..."

...they observe the (One and Only) Law: Mind your own business, keep your hands to yourself...or else


...they take care of themselves.

They become Golgothan or they die.

Really, it's that simple.


"your nation-state actually depends on them, they will bring their underlying culture and the present norms are threatened."

Again: within the context of the Law they can practice whatever culture they like. Being Golgothan isn't an 'identity', it's a hard-won way of living. And: Golgotha, Golgothans don't need them.


"What they bring may be a net positive or negative, but it will change things. Necessarily."

It's been tried. Ask the residents of the Wahhabist station...oh, wait, Golgothans killed that station when its people began encroaching on Golgotha claims. The Wahhabists had tried memetic encroaching first, found that pointless ('your a fine engineer, Moe, but if you don't shut the fuck up about Allah I'm gonna shove your rug up your keister...this Hariven just ain't big enough for all this propagandizing'), moved on to provocative claim jumps and ended up on the wrong end of mass drivers.

Oh, the waves of horror passing through Uroboros! Stationcide!

Anyway: aint't nuthin' stopping anyone from emigrating away from Golgotha. much easier to leave or never come in the first place.

Golgothan hearts are stone in these matters.
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