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this should be told in the first person, like you're relating a hot news item:

you: hey. did you hear about the (insert local quickie mart name here) robbery yesterday?

them: no....?

you: yeah, it was pretty bizzare. these two guys went in and started trashing the place with golf clubs. They broke every glass jar in the store, all the glass doors, then they went after the clerks and chased them out of the store.

them: really?!

you : yeah,but the clerks got a good look at them. apparently they were dressed as golfers. ya, know, they had those hats with the little pom-pom on top, and the izod shirts...oh, and those pants....they're almost shorts...(as you say this you're making chopping motions down by your knee) what're they called??

them: "knickers"

you: No, they were white guys.

the risk you run here is that the person doesn't answer correctly and says " duh, i dunno" or " bloomers?"
oh, no. wait. the opposite of that.
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