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The future is unwritten
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I Think He's Right

Former Poet Laureate Donald Hall...

"It is sensible of me to be aware that I will die one of these days. I will not pass away.
Every day millions of people pass away—in obituaries, death notices, cards of consolation, e-mails to the corpse’s friends—but people don’t die.

Sometimes they rest in peace, quit this world, go the way of all flesh, depart, give up the ghost, breathe a last breath, join their dear ones in heaven, meet their Maker, ascend to a better place, succumb surrounded by family, return to the Lord, go home, cross over, or leave this world.

Whatever the fatuous phrase, death usually happens peacefully (asleep) or after a courageous struggle (cancer). Sometimes women lose their husbands. (Where the hell did I put him?) Some expressions are less common in print: push up the daisies, kick the bucket, croak, buy the farm, cash out.

All euphemisms conceal how we gasp and choke turning blue.”
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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