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I've hunted on the site of the coal field that lay underneath Paradise. It's a weird dangerous place now. Canals from and to the Green River, narrow and deep. Cuts in the ground from ten to 100 feet deep, 30 to over 100 feet long, some filled with water, just anywhere and/or everywhere.

The roads there are a hundred feet wide in some places, to allow those ginormous dump trucks to pass each other, and you got to navigate around/amongst those behemoths, because they have the right-of-way.

One of the cooler things about the place is the abandoned equipment. There used to (I assume it's still there) be an enormous shovel out in this huuuuge open field, with a sign saying walking on the field is expressly forbidden. Lots of places with stay out signs. One of the world's largest shovels is buried there on the Peabody Wildlife Manage Area.

I once hunted turkey from underneath a dump truck bed out in the most BFE of woods. On my way out I walked past a sign, from the wrong side, warning to stay out of this area due to the ground might give way at any old time. They (Peabody WMA) used to charge $10 for a year land use permit, IDK what is now. Ya had to sign a liability waiver also, iirc.

There's hardly anything left to say that the community of Paradise was ever there. Indeed, Mr. Peabody's coal train has hauled it away.

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