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Sept 7th, 2019 : Beerhops

Its interesting to see how things had changed at the time this photo was taken in the mid-1930s after Prohibition which began in 1920, ended on December 5, 1933. At this roadside drive-in restaurant, a carhop served Magnolia Beer (note the sign at the far end of the building) that was kept in an attractive art deco cooler to patrons sitting in a Packard roadster.

One commenter mentioned carhops served beer in MS in the '60s. Magnolia Beer was brewed by the Galveston-Houston Breweries.
No idea how far their range extended but Id bet this is in Texas or close to it.

Notice that the 1931 Packard has a radio antenna mounted under the running board so likely came with a radio.
Another reason to think it's Texas because everybody's rich down there.

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