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2006 Vw Passat 2.0 T. The T is for Turbo!

Bought this for $2500. It's got new Goodyear Eagles, navigation, moonroof, leather, satellite radio, etfuckingcetera.... Only issues are an exhaust leak and there's only one key. ... Oh, and 139,375 miles. But that's ok. The Vin starts with a W.

Left side book value is $4580, right side is $7495. Which means I could sell it for $4000 in a week if I wanted to. But I don't. I got it so I could dangle it in front of Spencers eyes.

He's 16. Needs a job to get a car. Needs a car to get a job. I remember all too well trying to Crack that loop.

So now I have a car that gets 28mpg for my trips to PA. Keeps miles off of my XK. And the boy is suddenly motivated to get his license.

I'll iron out a payment arrangement with him this weekend.... Or at least we'll discuss the concept.

I just hope I can come up this big for Ripley in 2 years. We were just going to wholesale this car. I had it detailed since that picture was taken. Its as glossy as the commander (xk) is. You can tell the owner loved it.

I'll try to get better photos in the morning light tomorrow.
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