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I have the right to paint "FUCK ALL THE MOTHER-FUCKING NIGGERFUCKERS" on my roof.

WRONG IB , you have the ability to do that ,
and you Dad or some other authoriety figuer has the RIGHT to punnish you for it .

If one of my kids had done some thing like that I would have stood over them while they scrubed it off or replaced the shingles , then they would have had to pay for said repairs out of their own pockets , oh and be grounded for a LONG WHILE ,
Rember slick , your parents are ONLY required to provide you with food clothing and shelter , EVERY thing else is a privlage ,
Think No IPod , PC ( exept for school work ) , all your toys ( guitars , make ups , weird clothes ETC ,,,, )
What they give they can take away ,
Ask my Step daughter about the time I took her bed room door privlageds away for 2 weeks , or the time she got to spend in a tent in the back yard for a week .
"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. "
Brother Dave Gardner
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