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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
I worked two miles from Philly Airport, right on the river which was the landing/tale off route depending on the wind direction. At peak hours the planes would be less than a minute apart. It was spooky quiet for three days after 9-11-01.
I was living in the SF Bay Area at that time, and had a great view from my condo of the skies over the Bay. That first night, I stood on my balcony and marveled at the empty skies - no planes at all. Very spooky.

But every now and then, there were a few lights in the sky from military jets patrolling the Bay and coastline. Seeing those occasional lights in the sky was very heartening, knowing that the Air National Guard and other military groups were out there on the job, (making noise and) keeping me safe.

These days, out here in SW WA, lights in the night sky belong almost exclusively to the stars, but I do get the occasional convoy of six or eight military helicopters passing extremely close by. It always gives the creeps.
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