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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
Looks like good drainage, no puddles.
Yep. The land was on a slope, so it was pretty good. I may try something different this time. I don't know why the middle fell like it did. I don't know why the edge of the tarp curled up a bit at the bottom and kept the water in some times. BUT, I didn't get wet, so, it was good.

Originally Posted by BigV View Post
Hi bbro!

You really are a camper now, not just some city slicker who's survived an extended day trip. Well done! Your approach is clearly working, try something, take notes, adapt. xoB's right on the money, do what works for you. And keep contributing to this thread! I don't comment much but I read it all with pleasure.

As for the hammock and the sleeping in a hammock...

I've tried, and I found sleeping on the ground a lot nicer. Like you, I found it cold. I sleep cold at all times anyhow and being up in the air made it colder. Also, I'm a side sleeper by preference, and the hammock's not suited for that. Well, the hammock could care less, my spine cares much, much more. Even if I could turn over more easily, I think it would be problematic. I will say that this newer style of hammock I think you have which has a superabundance of lighter, stronger material makes resting in the hammock perpendicular to the attachment points easier. I've tried that, it's comfy. Haven't had the chance to sleep in one that way, but I'd be willing to try.
Thanks! I have an ENO double nest hammock. The one I have, I don't think is made anymore, which was probably why it was on sale. There's actually a space to put a pad so you don't have to put it in the hammock itself. I still hated it. It moved, too. I'm gonna stuff the comforter in there, too. Even just for hanging out. I think it would be awesome on a hot day, but since it's always raining, there's always a chill in the air.

I better be a camper with all the rain I've dealt with! LOL

And I just checked the forecast. It's definitely going to rain. I'm thinking of investing in one of those stands with covers. Easier set up and I can put it anywhere without needing trees. Of course, as soon as I buy it, I won't get any rain trips anymore.
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