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Originally Posted by glatt
But my boss talks to me about who she plans to fire, so I get to walk around acting all normal to these people, most of whom I actually like, for the couple weeks or month or whatever that it takes for it to happen.
Oh man... there was a time where our department was told we had to lay one person off due to budget cuts. Our boss called the three of us in and told us in confidence that the fourth guy in the department was getting laid off next week. Someone was going to have to take over his game, so it was semi-legitimate for him to warn us in advance, but it sucked SO hard to have to work with this guy for the next week knowing the axe was going to fall through no fault of his own.

And THEN, the very morning he was supposed to be laid off, some random person in another department quit. That freed up the money, and our boss called us in again to let us know that nevermind, the plan was off, and we should just never, ever mention this whole episode to the fourth guy.
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