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How to find a good dealer and a good local mechanic. Hang around. Watch how they treat women. If lying to a woman - and I have seen it happen - then that is not an honest shop.

A second factor is found in the frank honesty of the parts department guy.

I owned the shop manual to every car I have owned. Sometimes it is better to take it to the dealer. Sometimes, the local shop is better to do that job. Most jobs are performed by me (but only on my cars).

Some people get their exercise by running around tracks. I get exercise by doing some useful work - even if it is only a headlight.

Can't remember the last time I ever had to replace a brake light. But then I don't drive GM products. Why? I did the work so often as to know not only what failed - but why it failed. And yes, I even bought defective parts as new parts from a GM dealer. Just another reason why I do first diagnosis and the work myself whenever possible.

Finding a good mechanic is especially important in February.
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