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Big wet rocks, broadswords, skinny swords, skinny-dipping in the Arctic, pantsing skinheads in a bar to find out which ones are circumcised, and other ingenious tries for the Darwin Awards...

Sundae, when your country had private arms widely distributed, you had a crime and murder rate that was between minuscule and microscopic. Thanks to Parliament not knowing its arse from a knothole on this, you have administratively bought your increased crime rate. It went up steeply after your disarmament program really kicked in. Your nation desperately needs to find its Charlton Heston. Then and only then will you enjoy the low crime rate you did in the days of being armed, and a man's home his castle.

Otherwise, the home invaders really are going to have to be repelled with boiling oil, arrows, and swordwork.

Here, we shoot them, over much of our land. Less messy in the end. Unless that's where we hit them.
Wanna stop school shootings? End Gun-Free Zones, of course.

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