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OK, that's it. The cellar has officially changed my life. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to ride RAGBRAI, but of course life happens and a dream has thus far continued to be just a dream. Well, I have recently recieved a small inheritance ($1000) and thanks to this thread have finally decided to just do it, and buy the road bike I have wanted for sooooooooo long. I took off early from work yesterday and hit 3 bike shops in the area, 2 M&Ps and one larger one. I have it narrowed down to two, the '04 TREK 1200 ($720 on sale) and '04 GIANT OCR2 ($765 on sale). I am test riding today if i can sneak out of work again, but am leaning toward the GIANT pre-ride due to features (don't care about color). Does anyone have any tidbits to share before I take the plunge? Maybe I'll see you on RAGBRAI someday
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