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Originally Posted by LabRat
i have done some research, but acted like i hadn't, and he didn't try to BS me at all. Plus, they had the best price!! i am SO excited. thanks for the advice!
That's a good strategy. I'd go with the small shop, they're usually more willing to work with you on changes like if you want to switch stems for a better fit. I'm not really familiar with the Tiagra component group but in the (very) long run you might want a crank with replaceable chainrings (I don't know if they are). I wouldn't call that a deal breaker though. It looks like you'll get a good frame with any of these bikes. The Giant has a compact frame which lots of folks find more comfortable. Just ride them all. If it's comfortable support Mom and Pop, they'll remember your name and think about what kind of riding you do. Enjoy! g

That tour looks cool! It's gonna take some training though.
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