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This one raises some questions. Not about SSG Shurer, he undeniably demonstrated valor worthy of the MoH. Rather, about the Command that put him in for only a Silver Star.

Was that Special Forces A-Team devastated due to circumstances beyond anyone's control; or, did the Command drop the ball in the planning and preparation of the mission? Perhaps they didn't want a high profile award coming out of it that would draw attention.

According to Wikipedia, SSG Shurer joined the Army in 2002. The cited engagement took place in 2008. SSG Shurer would have been on his first reenlistment and considered a career soldier. He left the Army the next year; however, in 2009. I wonder if he lost confidence in the Command.

It's equally possible that he just got tired of combat and associated risks. In that case, it's a shame the MoH wasn't awarded initially as living MoH recipients are considered to have done the equivalent of giving their life for their country since there was no reasonable expectation they would miraculously survive (it's also awarded posthumously) and the military won't send them back into combat.

I noticed that he was going on 7 years time in service (TIS). At 7 years TIS I was a rank above his. I wonder if the Command was making sure that people like him were getting promoted as soon as eligible; or, if they were dropping the ball on that.

The end of the award citation had a glaring omission. Where it says: "His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself etc." It doesn't mention the unit he was assigned to, the 3d Special Forces Group (Airborne) as at the beginning of the citation. Even if the citation is getting too lengthy, it generally says: "and reflect distinct credit upon himself, his unit, etc." A snub of his Command?

At least it looks like he has a good job now, outside the military, where his military acquired skills will be an asset. Good on him.
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