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This Surprised Me

Jerry Taylor spent 1991 to 2014 as Director of Natural Resource Studies, then as a Senior Fellow, and eventually Vice President at CATO Institute,
arguing while climate change is real, it’s no big deal, and the cost of fighting it would far outstrip the return.
He’s changed his mind for very logical reasons.

The big debate in climate science right now isn’t whether or not climate change is occurring—or whether human activity is the main cause. The big debate is about scale: How much change will there be, over how long a time frame, and how large (or small) will be the follow-on effects.
Now I don't know if he changed positions for a better paying job with an employer who has different goals than CATO?
But his reasonable, and logical thought process rings true. However I might be bias because he swung to my side.
Women have done that to me repeatedly. Yeah I fell for it repeatedly,
but that means nothing, this is worth the short read.

Try it, you'll like it.
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