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When we were in Dorset we found ourselves in Salisbury just in time to be at Choral Evensong. We’re not religious but we like the music so we hustled in and got a seat.
The service was to mark the centenary of the founding of the RAF. I can only assume it was one of many such, as if it was the only one surely some royalty should have been present? Maybe Carruthers can shed some light on this?
Anyhow, all Church of England cathedrals have their own choir, and many are very good. Many cathedrals have special choir schools attached to them, and in the school holidays the choir is, naturally, given a break. So, how do you offer choral evensong if your choir is on holiday? I know you have all lain awake through the small hours worrying about this, but the answer is quite simple.
There is choral evensong flashmob, of course. Not a visiting choir, as such, but a bunch of random musicians from all over the country who get together when and where required (re-choired?) to do the necessary. Isn’t that amazing!

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