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8/31/2005: Personal ad in cornfield

Lurker gmr2048 finds this item. thanks! A farmer in Canandaigua, NY put this personal ad together using corn stalks.

Since this image came out, and since it was submitted, turns out the gent's gotten over 700 responses. But he's only responded to one, it seems like he wasn't that serious about it:
One California woman answering DeHond's ad had a pizza delivered to his farmhouse door along with a note that included her first name and phone number.

"That seemed like a nice thing to do," said DeHond, adding that he called to thank her.

Since then, they've exchanged calls and letters.

"A very attractive woman" is how DeHond described his new friend to his hometown newspaper the Daily Messenger of Canandaigua. He added they may eventually arrange to meet.
MAY arrange to meet with a woman who sends you pizza? Brother, if she sends you pizza from thousands of miles away, that means something. Go for it.
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