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Families dont you love them

Well itís finally happened due to circumstances I have had to get back into regular contact with my Mother, you may or may not remember previous posts by me about how I walked away from her due to her alcoholism.
My Mother has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and sheís fading quite fast, she has good days and bad days although a lot of days seem to be the latter, Iím a complete mess with conflicting emotions at the moment due to walking away some years ago and now having to deal with watching her fade out.
My youngest daughter wants to see her gran before she dies but wonít go down to my sisters where my mother is living due to reasons that Iím not going into here so I suggested that I brought my mother to my house so my daughter can see her.
This has not gone down well with my wife who remembers the shit we used to have to go through with my mothers drinking and behaviour in the past and doesnít want to have anything to do with the visit, wonít be in the house and is very unlikely to attend any future funeral.
Iím so fed up at the moment due to the stress of the situation and trying to deal with everything and everyoneís emotions and bad feeling due to my family history with my mother and how she treated me and my wife.
Hey Iím only trying to do my best for everybody in a difficult situation but as usual I canít do right for doing wrong
Families donít you love them?
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