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Originally Posted by be-bop View Post
Well all the content in my previous post doesn't mean anything now, my Mother passed away on Friday 25th.

She had to go into a Hospice as care for her at my sisters was not enough even with carers coming in to help my sister.

My mother in her last days seemed to be at peace with the situation and she seemed to revert to the mother I had before the drink got a hold of her.

I still feel guilty about walking away when I did and I keep thinking of what might have been if she only sought some help with her problem, but that's ifs and buts now.

My daughter saw her and said her goodbyes and I'm pleased she had the courage to do that.

I didn't think It would hurt as much as it does but I'm told it gets easier in time,

Oh I am so sorry, be-bop! It is hard to lose a parent, and especially when the relationship has not been an easy one. You did the best you could at the time, so please try to let go of any regrets, ifs and buts.
It is very early days yet. Let yourself feel the grief and loss, and the good memories will resurface in time, Iím sure,to comfort you. X

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