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I think you'll get a better ride out of the Trek, but both are comparable bikes. I personally am not a fan of compact geometry (on the Giant), but you'll be more comfortable when cornering and cranking out of the saddle.

And go with mom n pop, if that seems the right thing to do. Unfortunately in Princeton there are two competing shops; the smaller one does much better work and is generally more knowledgeable, but they are a bunch of assholes. The other store has maybe 1 or 2 mechanics that really know their stuff, and they have pretty consistent pricing and a solid selection of bikes. Hafta go to different places for different services.

Tiagra components will do fine, until you're ready for something lighter and sturdier. As long as you keep the bike in good shape, it'll treat you well after 500 miles in the saddle.

Sounds like a fun ride. I was in Colorado with my brother one summer, and we passed the Ride the Rockies group. They were climbing a devastating hill near Grand Junction that day - riders were strung out literally over 40 miles of terrain.
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