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I feel like a little kid

This is pretty cool -- I get to actually blame an online message board for getting me out (and perhaps others as well?) to get in some exercise, again. Thanks, guys, just for bringing up the topic, as it was what got me motivated to get the bike out, clean it up, and start hitting the trails!

Since there seem to be a good number of people here that do a lot of street riding, can anyone suggest safety gear besides a helmet? I went looking at lighting sometime ago and they had some insane headlight setups, costing hundreds of dollars, that used a battery that fit in a water bottle holder. Me? I just have a blinky red light under my butt. Yet, as the year goes on, the days will be getting shorter and I no longer want my riding to be restricted by the amount of daylight.

Again: damn you guys! :p
I don't have time to ride, but I must!
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