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Good news - we had an unexpectedly large turnout at the Board Meeting today (yes, Sunday) and on a day where we weren't able to use the much larger meeting room in our neighbour's office. I set up our teeny-tiny meeting room as I'd only had 4 confirmations. As 8 turned up (8!) I agreed with the Chairman of the Board that I could get on with other work in the office and let the dictaphone handle the minutes. To be honest I've only taken minor notes in previous Board Meetings - the dictaphone has always been the main way of minute taking.

So ho, ho, ho I am sat here doing a bit of work, but also in the Cellar. None of the people in the meeting are of the generation that would consider if they hear me typing I might not be doing work! As a get-out clause for any guilt, I was at the supermarket at 10.45 buying the Board lunch, and I won't finish here until gone 17.00 clearing up. Me sitting in the meeting is neither here nor there, I'm still at work and I'll still have catered to the meeting on a Sunday.

The bad news? I provided what I think Americans would call a kick-ass lunch. And I can smell it from here. And I bet the greedy pigs scoff the lot.
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