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Health Keeping your body well enough to support your head

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Lola Bunny
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I have been too busy, so I have not been able to exercise regularly. Also, I have been staying up to help out over at temple. We don't have enough donations so to help pay bills and so forth, we accept piece work. It means we get paid by the piece we do, i.e. envelope stuffing, etc. Members' donations aren't enough so we have to resort to such work to get extra money. Personally, I can only donate a small amount each month. What I can offer is my time and effort, and that's what I do. I am not trying to making excuses for not exercising or exercising regularly but to offer a small explanation to why I sometimes say I didn't get home til really late or the wee hours of the morning.

Anyways, I am closing this thread. No fit test or "after" pictures. Thank you all who made comments or followed my progress. Good luck to all and may all have healthy bodies and mind.
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