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Read? I only know how to write.
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Blame the Evil Victims

Dumbest among us think cost controls and tax cuts are good. We know one of the worst recessions resulted many years after George Jr's tax cuts. We knew it would happen since even Kennedy's tax cuts resulted in a downturn many years later. We know who the enemy is. So we cut their salaries.

Governor Christie of NJ was extremely popular because he blamed teachers. He attacked their salaries and pensions. He said they have it easy since they only work nine months a year.

WV teachers were finally fed up being the victims of wacko extremists (ie Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, O'Reilly, etc) who preach to and get support from the least educated among us. An entire state went on strike for a 5% immediate salary increase. Wackos in the state's legislature even tried to appease them with a paltry 3% raise. They failed to comprehend what is evil. Apparently evil cannot see itself in a mirror. They even refused to restore normal tax rates on the richest in their state.

WV teachers are just above the worst paid in the nation. Teachers in Oklahoma (now the worst paid), Kentucky, Arizona, and other states (where wacko extremist talk show hosts and Fox News propaganda now educate the electorate) are now demanding major salary increases. Poorly paid teacher even have to pay for school supplies from their own low income (after taxes) salaries.

School budget were cut by $hundreds of millions over the years so that the richest can have tax cuts. Some schools are now so short of money as to only have classes 4 days a week. Some even closed on the coldest days to save money.

Average life expectancy of a teacher everywhere in America is now only 3 years. So Christie (who also repeatedly destroyed projects that would advance America to cut costs) must have been right?

Trump's Education secretary is an enemy of public education. So we must again blame teachers and students for their plight. After all, wackos extremists like Ailes and Cruz have been saying this for decades. So it must be true. It was the first thing their supporters were told. So the extremists must be right. Since they are so poorly educated then the kids also should be poorly educated.

What is the greatest export from Oklahoma? Their better educated students.

American education is best when cost controlled - according to an extremist Education Secretary. America is better when we don't build bridges and roads. Cutting taxes to even stifle research is better. We cannot even spend money to study gun violence. Instead we must arm teachers. And make them also pay for their guns and training.

No wonder the wacko Donald wants Bolton whose only solution to Korea, Iraq, Ukraine, and the Middle East has always been unilateral and unjustified surprise attacks - since war solves everything. The Donald wants more advisers who would spend money we don't have on the military - while screwing teachers and students.

It is expected that wacko extremists would openly criticize the victims of a Parkland Fl massacre - since those are students and they must be wrong. Some companies such as Arby's and Sleep Number Beds so love the hate as to still buy advertising on her show.

Anything to enrich the elite, promote hate, and blame everyone else including immigrants. Apparently we will have three more years of hate and extremist rhetoric. Blame the dreamer since they deserved to be victims. Victims are always to blame for their plight.

Cutting overpaid teacher salaries is good. Since those teachers are so lazy to quit their dream after only three years. Blame the students for speaking out against wackos to encourage more school gun violence. Now teachers, given grants to teach in low income school districts, are forced to pay back those grants - with interest. Those grants have been converted by The Donald to loans. Another way to cut taxes.

We should not waste money on those evil liberal students and their lazy teachers. It even made Gov Christie of NJ popular.

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The future is unwritten
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Why bother edumacating the little shits when computers and robots are going to do everything for us?
By the way, the CEOs on Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard, all went to the same high school... in India.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce View Post
By the way, the CEOs on Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard, all went to the same high school... in India.
Demonstrates but again why immigrants (legal, dreamer, and illegal) are among best Americans. So Trump lies again.
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Urbane Guerrilla
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Those better educated -- and less neurotic -- than tw disagree with tw's analysis.
If tw is sufficiently inimical, let's start with cutting his salary, so he'll have to use public library wi-fi to perpetuate his annoyances to the decent, and the decently libertarian.

Tw is permanently wrong about taxes. If tw were so right, he can pay *my* taxes. Out of his pocket.
Wanna stop school shootings? End Gun-Free Zones, of course.
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