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I'd love to attempt to karaoke some Pantera. Seriously though, Ozzy, Maiden or Sabbath.

I sure as hell dance, assuming headbanging, air-guitaring, air-bassing, air-drumming, air-singing and generally pretending to be on stage counts. :p I need to get out more.
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Firstly, big deal, Karaoke sales are down. This could be due to the fact "popular music" isn't quite so popular w/ my generation. Could you just see some Skillet or The Benjamin Gate Karaoke? Maybe Karaoke is no longer a form of popular drunken-company-christmas-party- entertainment. Sadly, most people who participate in the ever so sparatic party karaoke bouts, wake up the next morning trying to remember what happened the previous night...or trying not to.. . (sadly-not b/c people regret it, b/c ppl are getting so drunk they get in front of ppl they work with and make themselves look like complete morons...when will u learn?) By the way, Karaoke is supposedly Japanese for tone deaf. Anyone know?

If I'm correct, which I really hope I am, it really doesn't take much money, or time to print millions of cd's like the record company manufacturers do. So why do we have to pay $20 for a cd? CD-RW sales were larger by far when compared to the sale of actual artist's cds. What does that tell us?

Personally, if I like an artist, I will buy their cd. But I am not gonna pay 20 bucks for a cd that I'll only listen to 1 song anyway.
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