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The future is unwritten
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Stock market

I got an email today from a woman who works for Edward Jones, my financial advisor. Whoa, that sounds pretentious.
Having been reamed by two outfits in Boston chosen by Boeing, I moved my 401K to Jones through the guy that runs a local branch in NJ.
I wanted to be able to face time if there was a problem whereas everything in Boston was anonymous people behind a corporate logo.

They hosted a luncheon a week before Christmas and all these retirees with time on their hands were abuzz about the market going down.
If they are old enough to retire they should be aware the market goes both ways, duh.
I was watching Johnny Carson last night(rerun) and they talked about the Dow-Jone breaking 1000 for the first time.
I remember it but was more concerned with finding out my girlfriend voted for Nixon.
Should have thrown her out, but 2 years later I fucked up worse and married her. But I digress...

Anyway, this is what Kate had to say...

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I just realised "what Kate had to say" sounds like she was forced by three big guys with chains and clubs.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Read? I only know how to write.
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This decline and current recession was quite predictable. It is being created by a president who does damage to only promote hate to his supporters. Worse, he is a classic business school graduate. So he never once ran a successful company.

One simply learned from George Jr. Once in office, the stock market averages (Dow Jones, S&P 500, etc) were always lower. It took amost of the Obama administration to restore the stock market to numbers when George Jr took office.

Attacking traders and even attacking major source of American productivity (immigrants) can only result in a recession. Spending money on things that do not create anything useful (productive) such as Mexico's wall and tax cuts will only create a deeper recession.

We already are in recession. Only question is how deep it will get.
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henry quirk
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"current recession"

What recession?
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