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Relationships People who need people; or, why can't we all just get along?

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squirell nutkin
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My tripodial pal had an odd interaction today

As stated, he ran into the mother of the previous admin at a sort of public venue that caters to the neither rain, nor etc. crowd.

Being the superficially polite fellow he is he asked her how things were and she got all weird and haughty, Well, WTF? he wasn't into playing the game with her and never was.

She made some cryptic comment about "how she was doing" may be published soon.

After asking for clarification she said something about "don't you talk about me and gossip about me?"

He said something to the effect of No, she never comes up in conversation, so why would he?

She had the genuine smug haughty look (chin up, down the nose look)

The odd thing is that he hasn't been out of his house or out and about town for months. Months. (depression can be like that) And maybe the only time he has said anything about her would have been on this board or to the local haircutter who, although gossips, is on the same page as him, vis a vis her.

Remotely possible that haircutter might have said something to someone and used him as corroboration and it got back to her, or that someone, her dau, perhaps who knows his handle here and hates his life, might have gone a reading and passed things on.

Maybe the first reason is more likely, but still remote as it's been months since he's had a haircut; the last one was self-inflicted.

But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, in fact it may still be on the branch, so the grandiosity, paranoia, and self-righteousness may just be feeling a bit frisky what with the warm weather and all.

Still, he says he was unnerved.
And now I'm finished posting.
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did she put "manipulative cunt" into her vanity searches?

oooh now we're outed

i'm just kidding i don't know how manipulative she is
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A fishing we will go,
A fishing we will go,
Heigh ho the merry-o,
A fishing we will go~~!



I feel for you him. Tell that stable-base not to get to tipped over by such a thunderclap. Loud, startling, but totally fucking harmless. If you he can hear shit like this, you he didn't get hit. -- side note, I'm a slow learner, thank goodness for the copy buffer.-- *He* may well be just out of shape, which is mental health speak for not quite as accustomed to having every goddamn thing that comes out of his mouth questioned out loud or otherwise. This is known in most circles as normal.

So, that's settled. Tell him he had an experience with a weird person, not a weird mindreading, how-did-she-know-did-I-remember-to-clear-my-browser-history, did I say that out loud experience.


You *shit* He was havin a regular day an somebody else had a couple jabs at his psyche. Kind of like that fuckstick behind me at the red light waiting to turn left (at the goddamn red fucking light) who pulls around me into the right hand lane to curse me and flip me off as he turns left against the light from the right lane. HIS problem, HIS shitshow, I just got splashed. Fuck, man, you just stimulated her sense of nostalgia.

Fuck her, her horse, her tree, AND her goddamn crazy apple.
Also a very stable genius.
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Old 04-11-2017, 12:37 AM   #4
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He's teflon, the shit slides right off and puddles on her shoes.
He should carry a big knife and if he sees her again pull a Jack Nicholson.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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She's living on past (perceived) slights, just as her offspring does. This is about the very original fight about how we're imaginary, nothing more.
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