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Urbane Guerilla. Do you want DanaC or I to explain Chapter 3 of Thomas Barnett's book to you? With so many vicious personal attacks (that for some reason are tolerated when others have been banned for less), it is not clear who you are asking for help.

Wolf needs a new job. Maybe she can help?
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Originally Posted by Urbane Guerrilla View Post
...Somebody was being, shall we say, accommodating. But the old boy's luck ran out, and in the end, the forces of good got him.
Perhaps it was GWB's extra assist. It was only fair after all GW did to help OBL's family get out of the country right after 9/11. So why not help HIM to hide and then go on record as saying he didn't give much thought to him at all.
Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and the world laughs AT you.
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jill vs ug, original and still # 1

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