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The future is unwritten
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Feb 16th, 2018 : Respiro del Diavolo

Scotland has given the Empire, and indeed the world more than itís share of great men and women.
Just a teeny tiny samplingÖ Alexander Fleming = penicillin, Alexander Graham Bell = telephone, James Watt = steam engine,
Sir James Dewar = vacuum flask, Andrew Carnegie = steel, John Paul Jones = Naval hero, Allan Pinkerton = detective,
John Muir = parks, David Buick = cars, thatís not even touching writers, philosophers, poets, statesmen, and on and on.
So itís only natural these Italian brothers had to go to Scotland to make winter Ice Cream.

So it only follows that statistical data has proven that Scottish people are excellent lovers, with one survey reporting that Scots
score a nine out of ten for their passion, lip-locking skills and romantic gestures. Likewise, a poll conducted by The Scotsman
revealed that a quarter of Scottish people have had sex on a beach, and a staggering 40% have made the beast with two backs outside.
I wonder if my grand parents did that?

Everything is interesting... look closer.
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... a risk of personal injury... and possible loss of life.
In 1980s Glasgow it wasn't the ice cream that was potentially deadly, it was more likely to be the ice cream salesman.

There were some vicious turf wars that weren't motivated by a disagreement as to who sold choc ices on which road.

Substances other than the usual gelatinous offerings were on sale and feelings ran high.

Drugs and stolen goods

The violent conflicts, in which vendors raided one another's vans and fired shotguns into one another's windscreens, appeared superficially disproportionate, even farcical.
However, more than just the sale of ice-cream was involved: several ice-cream vendors also sold drugs and stolen goods along their routes, using the ice cream sales as fronts, and much of the violence was either intimidation or competition relating to these.
Arson attack

The culmination of the violence came on 16 April 1984 with the murder by arson of six members of the Doyle family, in the Ruchazie housing estate. Eighteen-year-old Andrew Doyle, nicknamed "Fat Boy", a driver for the Marchetti firm, had resisted being intimidated into distributing drugs on his run, and attempts to take over his run – resistance that had already led to him being shot by an unidentified assailant through the windscreen of his van.

A further so-called frightener was planned against him. At 02:00, the door on the landing outside the top-floor flat in Ruchazie where he lived with his family was doused with petrol and set alight. The members of the Doyle family, and three additional guests who were staying the night in the flat that night, were asleep at the time. The resulting blaze killed five people, with a sixth dying later in hospital: James Doyle, aged 53; his daughter Christina Halleron, aged 25; her 18-month-old son Mark; and three of Mr Doyle’s sons, James, Andrew (the target of the intimidation), and Tony, aged 23, 18, and 14 respectively.

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Diaphone Jim
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Add peppers to garlic as a way to f up ice cream.

Haven't had breakfast yet so those Aussie hamburgers in the link look pretty good.

Of course we had "Good Humor" trucks. Oh, hmmm.
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