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Food and Drink Essential to sustain life; near the top of the hierarchy of needs

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Pizza has become a staple in the US, probably because even bad pizza like Dominos and Papa Johns is safe and edible.
But someone is always looking for an edge, a gimmick, something different.
The trouble is it's hard to come up with something unique that's still easy to eat.
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I am disappoint in this thread.

I thought it would be about pizza, but, there ain't no pizza here.

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Here you go Grav

Name:  CastIronPizza_20140518.jpg
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Name:  PizzaWhole.JPG
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Name:  CutPizza.JPG
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I love pan pizza. Looks good bbro.
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I'd try any of those pizza-things except the sushi one. Starting with the cheeseburger one. Yum!
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pizza has cheese on the ƒuckin top, I'm sorry--that's a basic requirement
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Otherwise it's a tomato pie
oh, no. wait. the opposite of that.
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It's Chicago style. Take it up with them.
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