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Fitness trackers

I've been wanting a fitness tracker, but none of them are compatible with my chosen exercise, so I never got one. Plus, I think most of them are ugly.

BUT, I'm tired. And I'm sick of being tired. I've downloaded a migraine app (separate issue) that tracks sleep, but I think it needs to be on the bed and I don't think it's very accurate. I think it is actually counting me being asleep more than I actually am.

I decided to get one that can track it more accurately. The reviews I read said the Misfit Ray was pretty good at this. It's a minimalist design, so I think it looks a lot better than the chunky fitbits. It's a third of the price, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. Better to spend $60 (I bought a couple extra bands since it was all on sale) and decide I hate it than spend $160.

I can always upgrade to one with all the bells and whistles later if I actually like this one.

Anyone else use a tracker?
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Glatt would be your man on this subject. His indicates when he rolls over in his sleep, iirc.

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I just got a Misfit Ray as a prize for a walking at work challenge. I'm going to give it to my son since I already have a Fitbit HR something or other.

I like my Fitbit. No idea how accurate it is at tracking sleep. How would I know? But it is consistent with what it says about my sleep, so I tend to think it's correct.

There are some times that I am lying still for an hour or more, hoping to fall back asleep, and it counts that as sleeping. It's good at tracking tossing and turning and deciding whether I am sleeping or not.

The HR sensor can tell a lot from your heart rate.

It uses light to sense your HR and sometimes that startles me a little if I shift position at night and a gap between the device and my wrist is exposed and light leaks out.
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glatt - I didn't know that it used a light - that's a good thing for me to know. Light has a tendency to wake me up since I keep my room as pitch black as possible.

I will probably upgrade in the future if I like the Misfit, but it's useless for exercising for me. I think that's one of the big things that has stopped me from getting one so far. I don't think there's many that can handle a 16kg kettlebell slapping down on the wrist or 10kg just resting there. I'm not sure if they can be worn on the inside of the wrist - if so, then it might be more feasible for me to use.
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