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Originally Posted by fargon View Post
The only way to drain the swamp.
Is to massacre people who support a man with a 30 second attention span. Relabel them as immigrants, Hispanics, or Blacks so that they cannot vote to destroy America. Only Nazis, KKK, and White Supremacists (supporters of hate) understand that logic.

Clearly not an insult. Steve Bannon (president of Trump's first campaign committee) defined his challenge. To manipulate so many 'adults who are still children' to vote for a man with a 30 second attention span. Bannon clearly stated his challenge in video recorded interviews.

We still do not have near enough Covid-19 test kits - directly traceable to that 30 second attention span. Like any communist president, he even said he will not take responsibility for that mistake. An exact quote. He will not take responsibility. And the swamp says that is good.

Korea decided to let people with an 'American patriotic' attitude make decisions.. They learned facts during and after Christmas week. Same facts that even the CDC in Atlanta was saying. Therefore Korea had 700 times more test kits (per capita) compared to what America has today (almost three months later).

Only an anti-American from the swamp would deny reality. Some adults are still children. Explains the hate that anti-Americans are also ordered to believe. Since they are so evil, they cannot even see an anti-American in the mirror.

A scumbag leader silenced the medical people - because honesty and truth might create a panic. We were even told that in the Cellar.

So panic now exists, as predicted, on toilet paper shelves. As predicted. Some even stood in massively long lines, with so many other potentially infected people, because they panicked. Meanwhile even Koreans knew batter. They put forth facts before anyone could panic. Korean addressed this problem BEFORE it would happen. They do not have leaders who come from the swamp.

Nazi, KKK, White Supremacist, and Trump supporters will deny this. Evil have slanted eyes. So evils could not think like a patriotic American - a Nazi, KKK, White Supremacist, or Trum supporter. Classic reasoning from an extremist who does not realize 'he' is the swamp. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News did not say so. An extremist (the swamp) only knows what the central committee of the communist party has ordered him to believe.
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