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Electronic warfare

We all know it's happening. The powers that be seem to have decided that it doesn't rise to the level of actually dropping bombs on people in retaliation. Seems like we just have to wince and bear it. Ransomware. Cyber attacks. Election tampering. But this one is new to me.

Buried in the depths of the A section of this morning's paper.

Apparently back in late September, Russia and Belarus conducted joint war games. During these war games, for a few hours, Russia had a communications ship in the Baltic that jammed all radio communication in the area. The article is sketchy, because I suspect much of this is classified, but it sounds like hard wired transmissions were jammed as well.

Sweden, Norway, and Latvia all reported that telecommunications were interrupted for several hours, and that it included Latvia's 911 system and also all GPS systems in the area.
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Land lines people, buried land lines for critical communications. Just say Siri or Alexa, I need a landline.
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