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Deja Vue. Another defeat.

In early days of Nixon, Kissinger (then National Security Adviser) and Nixon are recorded; both admit American had been defeated in Vietnam. But Nixon did not want to be the first American president to lose a war. His reputation was more important than the many 10,000 American servicemen who would be sacrificed.

Desperate to surrender without it looking like a surrender, America started secret peace talks with N Vietnam. Without any representatives from the S Vietnam government. It resulted in Paris talks where S Vietnam was excluded.

Eventually America promised to leaven Vietnam only on empty promises from the North. And, of course, the S Vietnam government was left to whither on the vine.

We know why America was defeated. America violated fundamental after fundamental military concept as even defined by Sun Tzu.

As soon as America surrendered and left, then N Vietnam overran the south two years faster than they expected.

Desperate to surrender without it looking like a surrender, America started secret peace talks with the Taliban. Without any representatives from the Afghan government. The Don is trying to surrender in a way that will not look like a defeat. Because America has been defeated in Afghanistan. Because America violated fundamental military concepts as even defined by Sun Tzu over 2500 years ago.

Those reasons why are clearly defined when and because George Jr abandoned Afghanistan to waste 5000 American lives in Iraq - for no purpose.

Let's see. The entire economy of India was then worth about $2 trillion. The economy of China was worth $11 trillion. We wasted $3 trillion in Iraq. And about $2 trillion in Afghanistan. How do great empires self destruct? Their leaders first want to solve everything with big dics - a big military. And then are too smart to listen to a genius from 2500 years ago.

And so The Don now wants to surrender to the Taliban. Because George Jr screwed it up. The Taliban made some inroads and then were driven back during Obama's term. In the past three years, the Taliban now control 80% of Afghanistan.

What concession must the Taliban make? They promise to not give Al Qaeda a protected home in Afghanistan. Promise without any reason to not recant.

The Don canceled those talks at the last minute as if someone suddenly realized how wrong it would be to start the surrender on the week of 11 September. Using one of many American deaths to justify it.

Don't fool yourself. The Don is trying to surrender Afghanistan to the Taliban just like Nixon did to S Vietnam. So that his ego can claim another victory - at the expense of Afghanistan.
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That three trillion wasn't all wasted, much of it made the people Ike warned us about very rich.
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