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Originally we were meant to stay at this one lodge for 4 nights, but when it shifted, they could only keep us there for the first 2 nights. But this whole thing was through Disney Vacation Club, a big ol' Disney timeshare where you can use "vacation points" to go to a bunch of Disney resorts everywhere. There are 27 different Disney resorts/resort hotels in the program in Orlando. So we were able to move to a different place for the next two nights. I think J's family had to gift us more points in order to get it done.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Villas - Kidani Lodge the first two nights. It has an African theme. And giraffes and zebras and ostriches and whatnot, just grazing around outside off your balcony.

I do not ask how J's mom originally decided to invest in this timeshare situation. But this is an large and close family, and once in a while a whole bunch of 'em winds up down there all at once, which is very nice.

Post Dorian, the parks were at half their usual capacity for the next two days. People generally do not shift their Disney vacations by a half week; they move the whole thing to another month, and re-plan everything. With all the fast passes and dinner reservations and a safari at 6:30pm, it takes a lot of planning.
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Sounds like a good setup to be in when someone else is doing all the bookkeeping.
I remember a foreman at boeing going down there with the kids and grandkids, all together it was 27 bodies. I can't imagine wrangling that herd through the park. He said they all stuck together moving en masse, and he was in a wheelchair so they all jumped the lines.
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That's fairly common, in my experience--both the "huge groups meandering through the park together," usually wearing matching family reunion t-shirts, and also the "use the one disabled person in our group to get everyone to the front of the line" strategy. There was an expose a couple years ago about disabled folks who live in Orlando and make a living accompanying random families to the park for money so the family can skip the lines.
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