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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
It's almost as if you two don't know what it means to not mention something.
I larfed. For real.
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Originally Posted by Luce View Post
Naw, just juvenile and a terrible writer. Seriously. Farnham's Freehold was an assault on the very idea of writing.
Sorry, kid, it's none of those... there is, after all, Time Enough For Love. His writing did not have the occasional leaps into poetic sensibility that Roger Zelazny had, but then who else did? Heinlein's prose was instead transparent -- its style does not get in the way of its story, and that's an accomplishment. RAH's particular distinguishing mark was his making of radically curious, even outrageous, societies and constructing tales springing out of these -- FF no less than his others.

RAH has an imitator in David Drake and another in David Weber. Operas, that is. I say of the Weber 'Verse that they have *extremely* cheap interstellar flight to make the plots/societies derived from, erm, the more dysfunctional sorts of earthly societies even work. But that's for some other post, some other day.

For bad, yet published, writing, you go to Pel Torro (a pseudonym, but you can Wiki this hack) for the abysmal worst -- or Piers Anthony when he was just trying to pay the mortgage. Not quite as abyssal, but his stuff is too thin for adult readers, leading to unflattering speculation as to Piers' general mentality. Even he was a step up from L. Ron Hubbard, who is unreadable.

It may be friendly advice to say there are at least a couple even awfuller writers out there, one fraudulent but sane, just nontalented, and one who is probably not quite sane and even worse a writer -- Edward Chu-Teh Eng, perpetrator of Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate. You can find this one sporked and on YouTube, if you are a) daring, b) insensitive if not insensate, and c) have a strong stomach. No, it's not present enough to be gory, nor is it nasty in the de Sade manner -- but you may irritably want those hours or minutes of your life back.
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Happy Monkey
I think this line's mostly filler.
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Originally Posted by Urbane Guerrilla View Post
RAH has an imitator in David Drake and another in David Weber.
The hell you say, Junior. Being in the same genre doesn't make you an imitator. Weber, Drake, and Pournelle did fine with their own individual styles. None of them, for example, took a few pages aside to tell you why women aren't actually people, black folks can't be trusted, or made up annoying ass, unnecessary words ("grok").

Heinlein was a hack.
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Weaponized Funk
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You're correct about Piers Anthony, though.
Finagle's Law takes no prisoners.
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Grey squirrels are oblivious to threat from pine martens – giving native reds the advantage

From the link:

Quote: squirrels showed a clear fear response to pine marten scent while greys didn’t. Reds visited feeders less, fed for shorter periods of time and were more vigilant – standing on their hind legs with their head upright and tail twitching from side to side. Meanwhile, the greys continued as if nothing had changed. In some cases, grey squirrel visits to feeding stations actually increased while their vigilance decreased around pine marten scent.
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