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The future is unwritten
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A little while ago I posted about tipping a waitress a couple bucks plus $20 thinking she would realize it was a tip. I didnít say so because she came to our table and rather than interrupt our conversation picked up the little folder the check comes in because she could see money sticking out. Next think I know she tries to give me $23 dollars change, but I told her no, keep it. I had however noticed she had broken the twenty into smaller bills. I asked my dinner guest why the waitress would do that, and after describing me in several unflattering words said they do that assuming you want it broken so you can tip them, just not the whole thing. That had never occurred to me.

Last night at dinner, the waiter after offering coffee which neither of us drink, left the little folder with the check while we were finishing the CrŤme brŻlťe. We laughed about the incident above, and Iím pretty sure she watched me put the money in with the check, she usually does.
I put in a fifty, a twenty, a ten, a five, and five ones. Now thereís no need to break that down is there? When the waiter came he asked if he should bring back change, and I assured him no.
We sat there talking and finishing our drinks when a few minutes later the waiter snuck up on us from a different direction and startled me, asking if I was sure I didnít want change. My dinner partner and I erupted in laughter. I mean so loud everybody in the place was looking at us laughter. The poor waiter was flummoxed, so I had to explain the whole set up to him. He laughed, thanked me, and beat a hasty retreat. I donít think I got him in trouble but maybe embarrassed him a little.

I guess next time Iíll take a pocket full on $1s.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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most excellent

I'm a chronic over-tipper and I know it's some psychological problem. I want to be considered nice by strangers I'll never see again. But in the case of, like, diner waitresses, you know every $1 counts to them. Is there a cheaper way to feel good?

I remember when a diner waitress was particularly awesome, and J gave her a big tip by walking up to her personally after the meal, and saying this is for you, thank you. It can still make me smile.
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Yep. It says you value the work they do. I've done that job, so i am also a big tipper. I'm also a bit critical when the server is bad. I still start with 20% and go from there. The thank you probably made that girl's night though.
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The future is unwritten
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They appreciate and remember it. This particular restaurant is one of my favorites, and we've had past waitstaff come over and say hello on several occasions, after we were seated in someone else's section. If I'm unhappy about something I tell them, and if I'm not obnoxious or demeaning they always go out of their way to make me happy, so if I'm happy why not let them know I appreciate the efforts. I'm sure as hell not going to offer to wash their car or babysit, so tipping is my option. It may only take one person a week to encourage then to keep doing, maybe even enjoying, a job I sure as hell wouldn't want.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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