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Read? I only know how to write.
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Originally Posted by monster View Post
dude, step away from the screen..... and the keyboard......
No longer possible in America. Be concerned. Extremists are encouraging anarchy like we have not seen since Joseph McCarthy. We have already seen Trump's Storm Troopers marching in streets carrying AK-47s - just like the SS and SA did generations ago. Trump openly encourages it. Charlottesville Virginia is but another example of hate that he will encourage for years. If we all do not start appreciating this threat and act on 3 November. Don't walk away. Be very concerned.

Hate groups are now publicly marching. Inspired by Trump. Only 3 November can defuse it.

We know Trump will not exercise a peaceful transition of power. He is already planting lies to subvert credibility of our elections. Did so again tonight. Trump's good friend and ally, Putin, is openly and actively assisting. Trump even denies what all (13?) American intelligence agencies say.

Trump's narcissistic personality disorder means he cannot admit defeat. When removed from office (maybe forcefully), well, he will do classic despotism. Continue to inspire anarchy, confrontation, disorder, nihilism, racism, riots, misogyny, skepticism, disinformation, hate, mistrust, and personal attacks even on patriots (moderates) for years. It has already begun: A Rural Area with Moderate Politics .

He openly labeled American soldiers in military cemeteries as 'losers'. America's far right extremists are so easily manipulated as to approve. Even Sexobon tacitly approved. henry quirk, Urbane Guerrilla, and sexobon are examples of these disciples.

An orange faced bully knows how to incite adults who are still children; just like Hitler, Mussolini, and McCarthy did. We are suppose to learn from history.

Scowling was constantly on Trump's face for the entire 'so called' debate. He parodied behavior and facial appearances of other famous (above cited) despots. Problem is, he was not trying to be funny. It is and will long remain his attitude.

He has already primed his disciples to create anarchy if he loses this election. No different than other despots from history.

Be concerned. Symptoms of this type future are apparent. And, like Saddam's WMDs, I do not say this lightly. If a landslide election does not bring him down, expect hate and dissension on a confrontational scale.

Sexobon's open contempt, constantly posting combative insults, is again apparent here. He is a Trump disciple - brainwashed by Trump's emotionally enticing hate. He again posts without contributing anything honest or useful - just like Trump did tonight.

Even Richard Nixon was not as corrupt (and dangerous) as Trump. A landslide victory is necessary for a peaceful transition of power and for peace years later.

Remember the good old days when it was so simple? Obama was not an American. Did Trump lie again?
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^it sings^
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Be concerned; but, don't worry. The world will keep on turning while tw has a meltdown and conniptions. Notice how the postings of panic stricken ruminants gets longer and longer as they continue to regurgitate fake news believing quantity of verbiage can make up for lack of quality. It's a figment of the twittledee peasant mentality of twittledumb.
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still says videotape
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Yes the world keeps turning, civilizations fall, and humans grind it out. Choosing to fail is where we part company.

Chris Wallace was the only winner last night.
If you would only recognize that life is hard, things would be so much easier for you.
- Louis D. Brandeis
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Diaphone Jim
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Trump clearly came in with the intent of interrupting and avoiding any discussion of anything of importance.
Biden did better on interrupting, but still bit on Trump's attacks.
All of a sudden, talk of Biden's terminal senility is muted.

Trump must be just about the crudest, rudest, lyingest asshole ever to come down the pike.
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