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Old 11-04-2015, 12:50 AM   #1
The future is unwritten
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November 4th, 2015: Fireworks Fantasy

Victoria's Secret is never very secret, she does everything she can to show it to as many sailors as she can... the trollop.
The new centerpiece of her lingerie drawer is the Fireworks Fantasy Bra.


Those sailors better be buying champagne because...

And after 685 hours of labor and more than 6,500 precious gems, the Fireworks Fantasy Bra is finally here.
...adorned with spark-like bursts of more than 14 different precious gems, from blue topaz and garnet to yellow sapphire—all set in 18-karat gold. As for the diamonds? The total weight is more than 375 carats—so imagine Angelina Jolie Pitt’s 16-carat engagement ring making rounds on a bustier about 23 times. In total, the combined weight of all the stones is just under 1,364 carats, while even the panties pack a punch, dotted with 126 diamonds and 400 other precious stones. But as for the most whopping figure? The price tag: The set is valued at $2 million.

♫ Stone me, stone me, it'll take 2 mill to own me. ♪
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Old 11-04-2015, 04:56 AM   #2
polaroid of perfection
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I've never been one for precious stones. As long as they shine and sparkle I don't care about their worth (probably just as well!)

But that is well designed. For a lady with any sized bust. It will chafe a bit, but it would be well worth a couple of photos.
Well, not using those stones of course. And not at the price of course.

But compared to catwalk fashions that you have to be 14 years old and 6" to wear, I think it's an improvement.

And I love sparkly.
Life's hard you know, so strike a pose on a Cadillac
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Old 11-04-2015, 06:19 AM   #3
Person who doesn't update the user title
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I love Sparkles.
Annoy the ones that ignore you!!!
I live a blessed life
I Love my Country, I Fear the Government!!!
Heavily medicated for the good of mankind.
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Old 11-04-2015, 07:21 AM   #4
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Arlington, VA
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I'd take it if you gave it to me. $2M for some pretty rocks I can try to sell?
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Old 11-04-2015, 10:51 AM   #5
Diaphone Jim
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Anyone else feel a little uneasy with Angelina's mention?
Or maybe i am just too old.
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Old 11-04-2015, 01:31 PM   #6
The future is unwritten
Join Date: Oct 2002
Posts: 65,058
Why uneasy, Jim? Is it the secret fetish you don't want revealed?

Seriously though, I think she was mentioned only because it's her 16 carat rock, which is the big bling they wanted to compare to... very big bling. They used to use Liz Taylor's baubles for reference, a lot.
Everything is interesting... look closer.
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Old 11-04-2018, 03:17 PM   #7
An Awesome Dude
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Looks pretty nice!
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