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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
The interesting thing to me is Bush Jr. Why did he start off low and then do better and better until he dropped again in 2004. Why was 2003 so high?
Other factors also apply. He did tax cuts. That means an immediate short term benefit that a majority blindly believed because rhetoric and half truths proved it. Followed many years later by a significant downturn.

That was predicted here (with reasons why) back then before those cuts were enacted. Cited were how all previous tax cuts that also resulted in a recession years later. Money games routinely create bad things many years later. A lesson we all should learn from today's tax cut for the rich. By 2004, the George Jr tax cuts were starting to contribute to a massive recession. Even the stock market was in constant downturn. People finally realized the myths were lies.

Meanwhile, in 2003, lies and rhetoric to promote war were peaking. Posted in the Cellar was:
"And I'm very glad we've got the great team in office, men like Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice.
We know all but Powell were intentionally lying to promote an unjustified war. They also constantly mocked and bad stabbed Powell who kept trying to restore sanity. As noted, "what is it good for ... ratings".

Starting in 2004, realities of a Mission Accomplished war first became obvious even to the many who drank the KoolAide.

By June 2004, Bremer had created an insurgency so massive that he could not even drive 5 miles from Baghdad to the airport (to evacuate Iraq). He also had to fly out secretly on a tiny jet. The insurgency intentionally created by Bremer, Rumsfeld, et al was that massive. Every informed American had realize we were about to sacrifice in Iraq (what turned out to be) most of the 5000 Americans for no purpose.

Every year after Mission Accomplished, reality demonstrated how much George Jr (actually Cheney) had lied blatantly and with total disregard for all American servicemen.

First an overwhelming majority of the informed saw it in 2004. Every year after that, more and more Americans realized how much and intentionally those George Jr people lied - for their own self serving reasons.

2004 is when secret torture and other Nazi like practices were finally coming to light. List of reasons why George Jr went downhill so much (and rightly so) are quite long. Above are but three.
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Yeah, no. Most people didn't care about any of that evidenced by the fact that he got reelected anyway. What sunk his popularity was his goofy daughters in the news. People were paying attention to that kind of stuff. Exhibit A:

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Originally Posted by glatt View Post
The interesting thing to me is Bush Jr. Why did he start off low and then do better and better until he dropped again in 2004. Why was 2003 so high?

He was very unimpressive at the beginning of his term, so that makes sense that early 2001 was low. But then we had 9/11 and his subsequent war on terror, so I understand the bump up in 2002. But why so high in 2003? And then the massive drop off in 2004?
It was likely the whole hanging chad SC situation.
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