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Another Woman In Michigan
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holy shit I'm famous

in a very small universe.

College Girl came home from orientation today and said one of her profs-to-be was into making physics more fun to learn and so she told him "my mom did something like that for her PhD" -not entirely correct, but close enough. So I tried to google my one and only paper -put in my last name, co-author (supervisor)'s (both pretty common) and one key word (reasoning). Every single hit was my paper. But not my paper -people referencing it. And not trashing it. Who in the fuck knew? I needed that after my car had transmission issues on the freeway tonight
The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity Amelia Earhart
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The future is unwritten
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When the transmission guy says big bucks, say do you know who I am? I'm fucking famous.
The four horsemen ~ Hahn, Azar, Redfield, & Trump.
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My book
My spirit animal
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We have to go back, Kate!
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Holy freakin awesome, Batman.
There's only so much punishment a man can take in pursuit of punani. - Sundae
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That's pretty damn cool, Doc.
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