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Shawnee123 06-01-2007 01:09 PM

Our college-wide system just went out for an upgrade for at least a week.

Now, this means that there is a lot of work I can't do, but it also means there is a lot of work I can do that either does not involve the system, or I can do parts and put the rest in the system at a later date. It means that the crisis mode has to stop for a while, giving me time to work on stuff that is also important (federal reporting, scholarships, etc) but has taken a back burner to all the freaking CHAOS!

Why, I might even find there is a desk under these mounds of crap, I mean paperwork.

And when a student says "but, but, but...wah" I can reply "I'm so sorry. There's nothing we can do at this point. Rest assured you are held into class, and we'll talk in a week." To quote zippyt: buh-bye.


glatt 06-01-2007 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by BigV (Post 349667)
Did I answer your question? How do you do it? How do y'all do it?

I'm not saying this is a great way to do it, but I have folders set up by year, and then within each year I have sub folders by day for each day I took pictures. The naming convention for these subfolders is YYMMDD, so folder 070526 contains all the pictures taken May 26, 2007.

Then in Windows, I have thumbnails turned on. This shows thumbnails on each subfolder for four pictures in that folder. Normally that's enough to find what I'm looking for.

Since 1999, I've taken 25,386 digital pictures organized in 880 folders using this system. I've been wondering lately how to do a better job organizing. I don't go back and look at the old pictures that much because the majority of them are nothing special. There are probably 1000 gems out of those 25K pictures. I think I need to create a "greatest hits" folder of some sort so I can deal with a smaller number of just quality pictures.

Maybe I should get a premium account in Flickr or Google's Piccasa and put all the good ones on the web where I can put captions under them and share them. I hesitate to create something good that will be controlled by someone else though.

HungLikeJesus 06-01-2007 02:36 PM

(Regarding photo organization) In MS Outlook you can assign categories to e-mails, and each e-mail can have multiple categories assigned.

I wonder if there is a way to do something similar with photos (and other files). Then you could assign a photo to the category of "Wildflower" and "Hiking" and "Interesting," or some other label showing that it's a picture that you particularly like. And another picture could be "Wife" and "Hiking" and "Rocky Mountain National Park." Then when you group by category, each picture would show up in each of the appropriate categories, but without storing multiple copies.

This is how it works for e-mails, so it seems like something like this must (or should) exist for other files.

[This discussion should probably be in the Technology forum.]

BigV 06-01-2007 05:43 PM

ta da~!

final music lib status: 71 gb 17 k files. Boy are my fingers tired!

Now to rebuild my itunes library and my picassa library.

Oh, and the backups.

zippyt 06-01-2007 06:29 PM

we leave for FLA in the AM !!!!

Yznhymr 06-01-2007 07:49 PM

This made me very happy...or at least made me smile like a fool...:D

If you don't like spiders, don't click me!!!

Can someone teach me how to just post the vid without a redirect??? Thanks pard'ner!

JuancoRocks 06-06-2007 02:17 AM

Me Happy Eh!
Finding a new site full of interesting, educated and opinionated individuals........A collection of photographs......Many are exceptional.....some are spectacular.......And witty commentary espousing a point of view on any subject.......No matter how strange.....

Makes you happy after a long day of work.
Made me laugh...out loud.

limey 06-06-2007 08:32 AM

Well Hello Juanco!

zippyt 06-06-2007 01:00 PM

Howdy , Juanco

Now ya got a monkey on your back , see he is Up there at the top ,
he IS watching and typeing your description,
in a report to the MAN !!!

Griff 06-06-2007 01:10 PM

I had a good first interview today and earned a command performance next week doing my dog and pony show with a classroom full of dangerous youts.

zippyt 06-06-2007 01:31 PM

whear your CUP ,,,,,,, Dude !!!

Oh and Congrats !!

Dagney 06-06-2007 01:34 PM

Congrats Griff! Best of luck in the dog and pony show next week :)

Three things in the Dagney-home to rejoice about today:

I've been looking for a job since I quit/escaped my old one in January. Well, this morning the long awaited phone call came. I was offered, and accepted a position that I wanted badly. I start in a week, make more money than I did, doing less work than I was, with set hours, no travel, and a 10 minute commute. Life is good.

My side business is taking off, I have three orders for wedding invitations coming down the pike - custom design, the whole kit and kaboodle. The extra money is going to surprise my husband with a new camera for supporting me while I wasn't working. Life is good.

My brother and sister in law had their second child this morning. Every one is doing well. Aunt Dagney is smacking the snooze alarm on her biological clock, but otherwise, everyone is healthy. Life is great. (She's so CUTE!)

Griff 06-06-2007 01:52 PM

Thanks guys! hmmm... body armor...
Looks like you hit the trifecta Dagney. Excellent.

BigV 06-06-2007 01:54 PM

what makes you think I'm happy? does this look like my happy face? I didn't think so. Bugger off.

Griff 06-06-2007 01:56 PM

[sunshine]C'mon V, turn that frown upside down![/day]

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