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Clodfobble 05-07-2011 06:58 PM

Did you still have to pay for the dead chicks? How does that sort of order work?

Griff 05-07-2011 08:59 PM

I probably should check on that. They did arrive here alive, but may have had a rough trip.

Tulip 05-07-2011 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Nirvana (Post 731825)
I took my mother and 3 sisters to a quaint Mother's Day brunch at a mansion built in the 1800's right next door to the Studebaker mansion. Not one squabble! YAY! :)

Family meal and no squabble... :thumb2:

DanaC 05-08-2011 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by Griff (Post 731828)
Baby chicks arrived today, 3 casualties but I assumed losses when I made the order. Survivors are 4 Royal Palm turkeys, 5 Americana chickens and 3 Blue Old English Game Fowl (chickens).:)

Seriously? That's normal?

That surely isn't a good way to treat chicks then?

Aliantha 05-08-2011 07:06 AM

Most clutches of chicks have a fairly high mortality rate. I wouldn't think it'd be uncommon for a 20% death rate...on average. I know Dad's chickens certainly don't always survive, and when we had chickens the eggs didn't always hatch.

DanaC 05-08-2011 07:08 AM

It's more the sending them by mail and expecting some not to survive the journey that worries me.

Mortality in the normal course of things is one thing. A deadly journey is quite another.

Aliantha 05-08-2011 07:11 AM

Hmmm...what are you views on abortion and what's a viable foetus and what's not? That being said, it'd be interesting to know what the expected mortality rates are for eggs to hatchlings and what sort of compromise there is in the pricing to compensate postal buyers as opposed to barn door buyers.

DanaC 05-08-2011 07:17 AM

It's not really about the deaths, so much as what they've gone through on the way. It sounds like a cruel journey to send a living creature on.

Aliantha 05-08-2011 07:17 AM

Wow...that's way too left for me. lol

Do you eat eggs?

eta: A cruel journey is traveling on Virgin. ;)

DanaC 05-08-2011 07:20 AM

yes I do. I buy them from the local farm.

I am not an animal liberationist. I eat meat. I engage in the same hypocrisy that many meat-eaters who also love animals engage in. But, I am surprised to hear that this is acceptable.

I am also against the treatment of veal calves and sending them on long and sometimes fatal journeys.

I have no objection to killing animals for meat. I do have an objection to subjecting them to pain and distress. Any of them.

But really, I was surprised by this that's all. I did not realise this was common practice.

Griff 05-08-2011 07:47 AM

Now Ali, you did not just bring abortion into the happy thread! :) careful careful...

Hatchlings do have a high mortality rate, but you can blame Darwin for that. Small defects that are fatal keep the flock healthy. I may have mismanaged their transition not keeping them quite warm enough but the culling of the weak improves over-all flock health. My birds have a nice life being free-range but they also are evolving to fit their environmental niche here. They are smarter around predators and more able to handle our climate than birds right out of the hatchery. Life and death are so intertwined that I can feel loss and joy over the same event.

DanaC 05-08-2011 07:53 AM

Oh I understand that chicks are fragile. And I don't for one second think you are cruel or that your chicks have anything but the best life reasonably available to a chicken :p

It was really just the idea of them arriving by post.

Griff 05-08-2011 08:03 AM

We could buy chicks at the farm store but that could be the end of heritage breeds since they tend to stick with major breeds and then the farm store has the early losses...

Griff 05-08-2011 08:05 AM

I also read them Shakespeare at night so as chicken lives go...

DanaC 05-08-2011 08:11 AM


Very good.

That made me laugh out loud.

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