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Undertoad 11-25-2001 10:14 AM

11/25: Cirque du Soleil guy crosses a London bridge

The Cirque du Soleil is in London to perform their "Gundam" show and this guy is doing a part of it to cross the Albert bridge.

Cirque du Soleil is really hard to describe except to say that you really really should see it in person. It's way oversimplifying to say that it's a modern circus. It's more abstract than that. Imagine if circus performers were doing what they do not for the purpose of spectacle, but for the purpose of artistic expression. With excellent original music performed live. Imagine being as awed as you are by movie special effects, but seeing them live in a stage show. Imagine sculpture performed.

Aw hell, Cirque is too difficult to describe. I haven't done it yet and I'm just geting started.

doc 11-25-2001 09:46 PM

The old lady...
I think the guy must've run over her foot. Hence the expression.

Chewbaccus 11-25-2001 10:42 PM

No, doc, the guy picked her purse.


Dude111 11-25-2020 12:42 AM

Is that picture REAL or a drawing??

The colours look fake like it isnt real... (One reason I hate digital so much,it looks very un-natural)

Undertoad 11-25-2020 12:59 PM

dude, how are you posting? The settings are supposed to prevent that. I must have missed something. What did you do to be able to post? Tell me, or I will be forced to simply ban you.

anonymous 11-25-2020 03:47 PM

I'm able to reproduce that by using the Post Reply; or, Quote button then deleting the quote and inserting my message. Looks like I simply posted. He possibly discovered he could still post by accident, perhaps when first quoting something from an old post. Looks like only access via the quick post feature was disabled.


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