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lumberjim 03-16-2016 02:40 PM

My dad did too

Gravdigr 03-17-2016 04:19 PM

Been trying to get Popdigr to get a hearing aid for years.

He just won't do it. Won't make with the cash. Plus, he thinks it (his hearing problem) only bothers him.

I said he thinks it only bothers him.

Griff 03-18-2016 11:21 AM

I'm doing that to the peeps around me as well...

xoxoxoBruce 03-18-2016 09:24 PM

On the other side, don't assume if he gets aids everything will be hunky dory.
I find the biggest help from wearing them(2), is it makes people aware that I can't hear well and they adjust their behavior.

footfootfoot 03-24-2016 12:15 AM

I just learned that my figure ground hearing problem more likely has its roots in ADD and not hearing loss.

Not sure if this is good or not.

Griff 03-24-2016 06:38 AM

There is an attention aspect to mine but it's certainly not the whole show.

monster 03-29-2016 08:47 PM

Stupid fucking health insurance. If you're unlucky enough to get really sick really young -too young for early retirement- at least be sick enough not to go to work 8/10 days or just die within six months because otherwise you're even more fucked as apparently part-time long-term sick is not possible therefore did not happen, you were at home the whole time, lying and deceiving......

.....and apparently because you were suddenly at home the whole time, even though you were seen at work and got shit done, you lose your productivity bonus because you did nothing.

I might be just a little bit fucking pissed. I still don't want to talk about it, I just want to rant. Fuckshitgitbastards. They will find they have met their match. ktxbai

Griff 03-30-2016 06:17 AM

Fucking shits

elSicomoro 12-15-2016 12:45 AM

part 1:

The gastric bypass is merely a does not solve your food addiction. It has been a struggle all year to eat, particularly with being on the road most of the year. I have also been dealing with various minor but annoying complications. I do not regret the surgery at saved my life. But there are times when I just wanna punch shit.

As I noted in another thread, I found out yesterday morning that I have an ulcer in my new stomach. This is not the first time, and it's not super serious. But this second time around, it is likely due to my obnoxious consumption of caffeine. Which is stupid because I didn't consume any caffeine at all during the first 8 months or so after surgery. So I'm probably going to be a raging asshole for the next several days...or go into hiding.

I'll be fine...I'm just in a weird place right now...

elSicomoro 12-15-2016 12:46 AM

part 2:

I try to never let work define and/or control who I am...but inevitably it does, at least to a point.

My most recent work is the most productive and rewarding work I have ever done...and I've done some cool stuff over the past 25 years. I met awesome people, saw new places, worked super hard, got great accolades...those moments when they all come together are rare. But it was inevitably going to come to an end, as this was merely for the duration of the election season. And the year after a presidential election is pretty boring, unless you live in NJ, VA or a city like St Louis.

I'm sure there will be various other opportunities that pop up after the first of the year. But I can't seem to rest...I'm already ready for the next challenge. But I must be patient...and grateful, quite frankly. I am fortunate that I CAN rest and get into hobbies or whatever.

It will all come together...I just get so...frustrated...

Griff 12-15-2016 06:32 AM

Time to work on meditation?

Undertoad 12-15-2016 09:22 AM

Did the docs say it was caffeine?

elSicomoro 12-15-2016 09:54 AM

They told me no caffeine and also put me on a med that coats the a thicker version of Pepto, only in capsule form. I'm in the perfect spot right now where I can just ride this out for a few days and just hide in my office or the bedroom and not kill anyone.

Caffeine is a known irritant to new stomachs. You're not supposed to have it at all for 3 months, then in sparing quantities after. I did fine for like 8 months, then started doing the crazy overnight trips to Houston and Denver and such. Then went back on the road doing campaign work.

elSicomoro 12-15-2016 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Griff (Post 976431)
Time to work on meditation?

Been thinking about that and doing floating. My friend works at a float facility here in KC.

Gravdigr 12-15-2016 12:50 PM

I've always wanted to experience a sensory deprivation chamber. Like in Altered States. But, maybe without the devolution.

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