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isadavud 04-30-2002 02:16 PM

I am the manager of a big advisory company in Istanbul. As a Muslim, I strongly denounce terrorism. I wish this blood flowing will end, as a faithful Muslim. I have transfered it from a site in which the real view of Quran to terrorism is explained .The article also expresses my views very well.

The terrorist attacks on two major cities of the United States of America on September 11, 2001, propelled the important issue of the true source of terrorism to the top of the world agenda. Thus, it has been announced to the entire world that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that summons individuals to compassion and justice. Many world leaders, leading media organisations, television and radio stations said that true Islam forbids violence, and encourages peace between people and between nations. The Western circles that have come to a full grasp of the religion of Islam and are well-informed about Islam as commanded by God in the Qur'an noted clearly that the words "Islam" and "terror" cannot stand side by side, and that no divine religion permits violence.

The source of the terror is definitely not from a divine religion, and that there is no room for terrorism in Islam. This is made clear in the Qur'an, the main source of Islam, and in the practices of all true Muslim rulers, the Prophet Muhammad being the foremost of them. This book reveals, in the light of the verses of the Qur'an and with examples from history, that Islam forbids terrorism and aims to bring peace and security to the world.

As is known, for centuries, various acts of terrorism have been carried out in different parts of the world by different groups for a variety of purposes. Sometimes a communist organisation, sometimes a fascist group, and sometimes radical and separatist factions assume responsibility for these acts. While countries like America often became the target of attacks by racist and marginal terrorist groups, the European countries have been centre stage for violent acts carried out by terrorist groups. 17 November in Greece, RAF (Red Army Faction) and Neo-Nazis in Germany, ETA in Spain, Red Brigades in Italy and many other organisations seek to make their voices heard through terror and violence by killing innocent and defenceless people. The nature of terrorism changes with changing world conditions and increases its impact and power with the new means made possible by developing technology. In particular, mass communication tools such as the Internet extend the scope and influence of the terrorist activities considerably.

If one is looking for the cause of an act of terrorism, one must look for its source in anti-religious ideologies. Religion enjoins love, compassion, forgiveness, peace and living according to high moral standards. Terrorism, on the other hand, is on the side of cruelty and violence, causing pain, bloodshed and committing murder.

Besides the Western organisations, there are also other terror organisations of Middle East origin. Terrorist attacks are carried out by these groups in all corners of the world. Sadly, the fact that the perpetrators of various terrorist acts carry Christian, Muslim or Jewish identities cause some people to put forward claims which do not concur with divine religions. The truth is that even if terrorists have Muslim identities, the terror they perpetrate cannot be labelled "Islamic terror", just as it could not be called "Jewish terror" if the perpetrators were Jews or "Christian terror" if they were Christians. That is because, as will be examined in the following pages, murdering innocent people in the name of a divine religion is unacceptable. We need to keep in mind that, among those who were killed in New York and Washington, there were people who loved the Prophet Jesus (Christians), the Prophet Moses (Jews) and the Prophet Muhammad (Muslims). Unless forgiven by God, murdering innocent people is a great sin that leads to torment in Hell. No one who is religious and fears God would do such a thing.

The aggressors can commit such violence only with the intention of attacking religion itself. It may well be that those who carried out this violence did so to present religion as evil in the eyes of people, to divorce people from religion and to generate hatred towards those who are religiously inclined. Consequently, every attack on American citizens or other innocent people having a religious facade is actually an attack made against religion.

Religion commands love, mercy and peace. Terror, on the other hand, is the opposite of religion; it is cruel, merciless and demands bloodshed and misery. This being the case, the origins of a terrorist act should be sought in disbelief rather than in religion. People with a fascist, communist, racist or materialist outlook on life should be suspected as potential perpetrators. The name or the identity of the triggerman is not important. If he can kill innocent people without blinking an eye, then he is a nonbeliever, not a believer. He is a murderer with no fear of God, whose main ambition is to shed blood and to cause harm. For this reason, "Islamic terror" is an erroneous concept which contradicts the message of Islam. The religion of Islam can by no means countenance terrorism. On the contrary, terror (i.e. murder of innocent people) in Islam is a great sin, and Muslims are responsible for preventing these acts and bringing peace and justice to the world.

Best Regards

dave 04-30-2002 02:17 PM


russotto 04-30-2002 02:32 PM

I thought Islam meant "submission to God".

dave 04-30-2002 02:43 PM

And if you subscribe to Andrea Dworkin's views, that "submission" is violent by its very nature.


MaggieL 04-30-2002 09:26 PM


Originally posted by dhamsaic
And if you subscribe to Andrea Dworkin's views, that "submission" is violent by its very nature..
Funny, I don't know *any* radfem muslims. :-)

PsychickSara 05-28-2002 08:13 PM

No religion means peace. Read a book.

Nic Name 05-28-2002 08:28 PM


Q: What does 'Islam' mean?

A: The Arabic word "Islam" means "submission," and it derives from a word meaning "peace." In a religious context it means complete submission to the will of God. "Allah" is the Arabic name for God, which is used by Arab Muslims and Christians alike.
Read a newspaper.

By the way, Isa Davud is not a dweller in the Cellar. He has posted this message all over the place. So don't expect to engage him in any debate here on this topic, or otherwise.

isadawud only wrote the first two lines of this piece. He admits lifting it from a website without crediting this source, which is worth reading because you can consider the author's credibility ... and it has pictures for those who don't want to read.

And for those who say "read a book" Islam Denounces Terrorism, the entire book, is available on that website in .pdf format for free download.

spinningfetus 06-02-2002 11:26 PM


Originally posted by MaggieL

Funny, I don't know *any* radfem muslims. :-)

Ha! I dated one. Let me tell you that was interesting... Seriously though, she had alot of family in Jenin. Sharon doesn't want peace anymore than bin Laden. Too many people think that if they do it in the name of God, it isn't a sin. I don't think most people really spend the time it takes to really understand the words they hear/read/speak and because of that lack of understanding killing for God doesn't seem like such a bad idea. Some guy once said love one another, and look what they did to him. So I guess there isn't anything sane that can be done. I'm goin to dig a deep hole...

MaggieL 06-03-2002 09:25 AM


Originally posted by spinningfetus

Ha! I dated one. Let me tell you that was interesting...

If she'd date you, she wasn't a radfem....unless you're female too, of course.

Hubris Boy 06-03-2002 10:17 AM


Originally posted by MaggieL

If she'd date you, she wasn't a radfem....unless you're female too, of course.

Are you suggesting that only lesbians can be radical feminists?

spinningfetus 06-03-2002 10:26 AM


Originally posted by MaggieL

If she'd date you, she wasn't a radfem....unless you're female too, of course.

There are these neat creatures out there called bi-sexuals. And besides that if you knew me, you would know how it could happen. Then again maybe your defintion of radfem isn't the same as mine...

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