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Undertoad 01-27-2016 10:56 PM


xoxoxoBruce 01-28-2016 01:46 AM

Amazon says April 11th to 15th.

Griff 01-28-2016 06:18 AM

I can't wait to read it!

Beestie 01-28-2016 06:38 AM

Clodfobble - that is impressive on so many levels and in so many ways.

I'm buying mine now before you get famous and the price goes up.

Clodfobble 01-29-2016 08:43 AM

I just got my first piece of hate mail!

So this guy wrote yesterday:



Someone sent me a link to your book/site. I was really surprised to see your site contains no easily accessible way to see what the GFCF diet even is, or why people should follow it. Some advice from someone who has been there - get a description or even a link (but that would lose you CPM) up FAST before the book drops so people know what you're talking about. Maybe an excerpt from the book, which must contain this information?

Best of luck with your book.
I assumed he was a "give me money and I'll help you promote your site" guy, because I get those on a fairly regular basis. But it was at least personalized instead of generic, so I wrote back:


Hi J,

Well the truth is, we've moved beyond the GFCF diet, as detailed in this post here:

The book does contain a little information about the GFCF diet, but only as one step on our journey. I'm very much not about telling other people what they should do, or trying to convince them of anything. I just don't have the stomach for it. The memoir really is about the whole story, not just one (of several) diets we did. But rest assured, there will be an excerpt posted on soon, as well as on other major news outlets. The publisher has whole marketing teams to take care of that. Thanks for your suggestions, and I hope you like the book!

And then... things escalated quickly.


Whole marketing teams! My goodness!

Oh, I have no intention of reading it. I was just curious as to how someone would proclaim herself "The X Lady" with a website and a supporting book, yet never bother to describe what the hell the X is and why one would have, or not, tried it. You further confuse the reader by not making it clear that you have currently sidestepped away from the quackery of your book. Because if it weren't quackery, you'd still be following it...right? I will, instead of looking for it on Goodreads, instead look for it on I'd bet $10 you're an anti-vaxxer, too. Oh, and I might be blogging about it, too.

Blocking your email, you parasitic pathogen.

Sundae 01-29-2016 09:00 AM

Yeah. I'm blocking you on the Cellar too, Clod.
Because nothing you've written has been intelligent, or considered, or insightful or interesting. Oh, and I've never read any of your posts. You quacker.

PS, well done you for not including any of his details - there are some people here who would get offensive on him otherwise. No, not me. Ahem. No of course not. (Stupid arsehole)

I am receiving the book as a gift, which is putting someone else's money where my mouth is, but I can't wait to read it.

glatt 01-29-2016 09:05 AM

Not sure if I should congratulate you or not.

I have a local writer friend, and she agonizes over comments. I guess you have to. I'd like to think I would ignore them but probably wouldn't.

Clodfobble 01-29-2016 09:15 AM

This one's pretty easy to ignore, because he initially lied about his intentions and thus obviously had a plan to hate me from the beginning. Someone who actually read it, then hated it, I'll have a harder time ignoring. But even then, I know better than to respond. Fools arguing, and all that. Honestly, though, it's kind of a good sign that it came so soon, because it means people I really don't know have already heard about it.

Undertoad 01-29-2016 09:36 AM

They want you to have an emotional reaction, Clod; they are highly charged and they want your emotional devastation. Because this is where we are now; it's Eternal September and the n00bs do not know how to discuss things. They believe that if they make you feel bad and kill yourself, they have won. They do not know that the problem is within as much as out.

WW3 is a comments section, the war is fought over beliefs and the shells are threats and hatred. And once again we find that the only island of sanity is a small forum populated by people you know, and may actually give a shit about, and who may actually give a shit about you.

Clodfobble 01-29-2016 02:04 PM

I'm actually suspecting that it's from the author of quackwatch himself. That guy's old, and young people don't say things like "quackery," or "which must contain this information" as a question, or think $10 is a lot of money to wager on something.

Griff 01-29-2016 03:36 PM

Congrats! You made the big time! You have your own personal crazy person.

BigV 02-02-2016 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Griff (Post 952465)
Congrats! You made the big time! You have your own personal crazy person.

*THIS* part made me laugh!

Dear Clodfobble,

I will urge my friends at my local bookstore, Phinney Books, to carry several copies. The owners are friends of mine, they live four houses down.

I will be placing my instructions with them this week.


Beestie 02-18-2016 12:30 PM

Ran across this article which seems promising in certain situations.

Neuroscientists reverse autism symptoms

Frig it - can't post a link- here is the url

Clodfobble 02-18-2016 07:48 PM

Gene therapy is cool, but it's annoying that they keep saying "autism" when what they mean is "a very specific 1% of autistic individuals and none of the rest of them." They've known about the Shank3 gene for a long time, just like they know about Fragile X. It's basically considered its own disorder: when participating in a research study, they will ask you at the beginning if you've ever been diagnosed with Fragile X, Shank3, PKU, and a few others, and you'll be disqualified if so.

xoxoxoBruce 02-19-2016 12:24 AM

Gosh, you're pretty smart, you should write a book. :haha:

limey 02-19-2016 02:53 PM

We have a fragile X lad plays the drums in our brass band.

Sent by thought transference

Clodfobble 03-14-2016 03:56 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Look what just came!!!

Gravdigr 03-14-2016 04:07 PM

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Attachment 55600

DanaC 03-14-2016 04:41 PM

Great cover!

Also, I know I said this already, but I just want to reiterate that the title is brilliant.

xoxoxoBruce 03-14-2016 06:38 PM

Amazon said April when I ordered, is everything on schedule as far as you know?

monster 03-14-2016 09:42 PM

Just squeaked in on the pre-orders. I know....

procrastinator and cliffhanger regards....

Clodfobble 03-14-2016 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by DanaC
Also, I know I said this already, but I just want to reiterate that the title is brilliant.

The editor (or someone in his department) came up with it. But I like it too. :)


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
Amazon said April when I ordered, is everything on schedule as far as you know?

Yes, they sent me a couple advance copies, the rest will be leaving the warehouse tomorrow. Amazon is just playing it safe with their deadline, they may decide to ship them early once they actually have them in their hands, or they may be lazy and make you wait until April.

xoxoxoBruce 03-15-2016 01:21 AM

Yeah, Amazon likes to cover their ass, I get things earlier that predicted much of the time. But it's no problem, I'm going to mail three of them to you for autographs anyway, I don't want to wait for the world tour. :cool:

Sundae 03-15-2016 06:16 AM

I tend to like to cover my arse too.
Probably for different reasons.

Griff 03-15-2016 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 955502)
Yeah, Amazon likes to cover their ass, I get things earlier that predicted much of the time. But it's no problem, I'm going to mail three of them to you for autographs anyway, I don't want to wait for the world tour. :cool:

I'll be sending mine down as well!

Undertoad 03-15-2016 09:20 AM

Can you sign the Kindle version?

Clodfobble 03-15-2016 05:30 PM

Sure! Just send me your Kindle, and I'll sign every book you'll ever read!

Clodfobble 03-15-2016 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce
I'm going to mail three of them to you for autographs anyway, I don't want to wait for the world tour.


Originally Posted by Griff
I'll be sending mine down as well!

Make sure you include a little piece of paper or something in there with your name on it so I don't get them mixed up and forget who gets how many back. :)

Griff 03-15-2016 08:50 PM

Roger that. :)

xoxoxoBruce 03-15-2016 08:52 PM

sointly, and return postage.

Big Sarge 03-17-2016 03:54 PM

I know I'm late to the party, but I want to reiterate how great the cover looks.

Clodfobble 03-17-2016 08:05 PM


lumberjim 03-24-2016 08:27 PM

Clodfobble 03-24-2016 08:34 PM

It's a Lumberthumb! Was that early shipping from Amazon, or a local store?

lumberjim 03-24-2016 09:27 PM

I got it from Amazon today. That is indeed my left thumb.

Griff 03-25-2016 06:08 AM

Cool. Mine must be near.

fargon 03-25-2016 06:41 AM

I hope mine comes soon, I want to read it.

monster 03-25-2016 04:56 PM

mine has shipped!

Clodfobble 03-25-2016 05:23 PM

I have just now at this exact moment become terrified that you guys won't like it.

Also, I have a relatively large podcast interview Monday. And so far in the following weeks, a 1-hour major market NPR segment, a rural Virginia morning show, and an interview of as-yet-unknown length with the largest English-speaking radio station in Spain (and who knows how big that is.) More supposedly to come.

Did I say terrified? Hmm.

Undertoad 03-25-2016 05:47 PM

Are these all remotes?

You have so much more skill here than the average remote-touring author would start with! You already know how to speak well and command a microphone and have a great mic voice. You know how to present what you want to say. You're already tons interesting.

You got dis

(I don't though... I paid MORE for digital delivery and says here it won't happen until Apr 5)

Clodfobble 03-25-2016 06:00 PM

They're all over the phone. The one in Spain may be over Skype, not involving my face but just because apparently the international lines are more reliable that way. Which is good, because all of them are either at 6 or 7 in the morning my time, and my face will not be presentable. I'm told that almost all radio guests, even the ones who sound like they're in the studio, are actually over digital phone lines these days.

DanaC 03-25-2016 06:23 PM

What podcast, clod? or can't you say yet?

lumberjim 03-25-2016 07:28 PM

Was I supposed to read it too? I like it. It's a nice looking book. Why did you cover part of your face on the tiny little picture of the author on the back cover?

Do we know the story behind the scar? And which fob is Andrew?

xoxoxoBruce 03-25-2016 07:32 PM

The crazy eyes.;)

Clodfobble 03-25-2016 08:42 PM

Andrew is Mr. Clod. The scar story is a chapter in the book.

It's funny, that picture of me is very polarizing... My mom and dad both hate it (which has got to be the first thing they've agreed on in thirty years.) My friends who do a lot of social media all love it. My theory is that because it's weirdly candid and somewhat awkward, that makes it more genuine-seeming to the crowd that does nothing but look at posed pictures of each other all day long. The cropping they did also makes my hand look bigger, in the full picture it wasn't so intrusive.

Clodfobble 03-25-2016 08:46 PM

Dana, I don't know for sure if I'm allowed to say. That one will be recorded and then posted online at a later date in April. The NPR hour should be online for streaming in its entirety shortly after broadcast, though.

lumberjim 03-25-2016 09:19 PM

I'm rereading this thread before I start the book. Up to page 11, and I have to say.... You are.... Well.... Good. Very very good.

DanaC 03-26-2016 04:55 AM

Gotcha Clod:)

Sundae 03-26-2016 07:38 AM

Sad I won't get it before I go away.
But maybe I can pick it up after a few weeks.

Undertoad 03-26-2016 08:25 AM


I'm told that almost all radio guests, even the ones who sound like they're in the studio, are actually over digital phone lines
Not just the guests. You've heard of the radio duo Opie and Anthony (now defunct). For the last few years of the show, Anthony was doing the show from his house in another state.

In most locations, the only lines that are not digital are the ones in the house. It's analog to connect to the old-style phones, but when they get to the box that connects to the phone network, usually in the basement, it goes digital right through to the destination where a similar conversion can take place.

monster 03-26-2016 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by monster (Post 511318)
We just had the "is our kid ADHD" talk with ours. The answer was no, he's just badly behaved...... :lol:

haha. Like Jim, I was rereading the thread and this popped out at me. He's been getting counselling for a while and she's all "duh, classic ADD"

monster 03-27-2016 03:13 PM

MY BOOK! I got my book!

xoxoxoBruce 03-27-2016 03:35 PM

No, you got my book you queue jumper.

xoxoxoBruce 03-29-2016 04:00 AM

Email says shipped yesterday from Swedesboro, NJ, have them by 8PM today.

Clodfobble 03-31-2016 09:37 PM

My first interview has posted. Should be stream-able in all countries, I think.

I was super nervous, which you can tell by my gasp-y breathing, and the fact that I completely railroaded the guy several times, and just kept talking even though he was clearly trying to ask another question. Hopefully I'll get better with practice.

lumberjim 03-31-2016 10:21 PM

Is that Big Gay Al you're taking to?

Clodfobble 03-31-2016 10:27 PM

He's from Pennsylvania.

xoxoxoBruce 04-01-2016 12:30 AM

I clicked on the link to where it talked about the show, and has the audio bar. When I clicked on the arrow in the circle nothing.
When I clicked on the bar it took me to another page that shows all his programs, and clicking on the arrow in the circle worked.
This maybe an anomaly in my system but if somebody has trouble getting to play, try this.

Hopefully I'll get better with practice.
Don't get too good, listening to someone who is concise and polished raises red flags for me.
You sounded honest, explaining you didn't have "the" answer, nor going to save the world, but trying to contribute what you could to awareness.
In other words, you didn't sound like you were there to sell a book. You done good. :thumb:

aside, you should receive the package on Wednesday.
Also I had to order a couple more from Amazon today, by public demand, but you won't see them.

glatt 04-01-2016 08:45 AM

Just listened to it. You did a great job.

Clodfobble 04-01-2016 10:35 AM

Thanks, Bruce & glatt!

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