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xoxoxoBruce 06-26-2018 05:41 PM

Old Age Ain't For Pussies
In the envelope with my drivers license renewal forms they included this...

Mature? Never... oh wait, they mean old.
Well I've got seniority so get those damn whippersnappers outta my way. :rtfm:

Carruthers 06-27-2018 05:18 AM

The time to worry is when they send you the braille edition.

limey 06-27-2018 09:09 AM


Gravdigr 06-27-2018 12:47 PM

I have not yet begun to age.[/paraphrasingJPJ]

sexobon 06-28-2018 11:33 PM

As long as they don't send you something like that when it comes time to renew your concealed carry permit, you're still good to go for road rage.

Gravdigr 06-29-2018 01:00 PM

Permits. Pfft.

Gravdigr 11-23-2018 02:19 PM

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Griff 11-24-2018 10:01 AM


Apparently one of the astronauts just found a cache of these on the space station.

Gravdigr 11-25-2018 03:13 PM

The ancient Compaq Presario I use for a jukebox in my bedroom has a floppy drive. And I have one (drive) in the closet, too.

Gravdigr 02-13-2019 12:10 PM

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Gravdigr 02-14-2019 01:36 PM



BigV 02-14-2019 10:34 PM

I'm replying with my hearty thanks.... quick before the video ends and I forget.

xoxoxoBruce 02-15-2019 12:41 AM

Why couldn't I turn the CC on?

Gravdigr 02-15-2019 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by xoxoxoBruce (Post 1025756)
Why couldn't I turn the CC on?

Maybe the poster has to provide them?

Anywho, here ya go:

There. There's my good deed for the day.:D

Griff 02-15-2019 02:25 PM

I pulled a "not my first rodeo" move on two sheets of 23/32 plywood at Lowes on my way home from work. A kid who works there made a point of swinging by after, "I was gonna offer to help until I saw you load the first one." To be fair, I used to do this stuff with two shorties in tow, ain't no thing. /graybeard

now if I could only remember what I wanted plywood for...

xoxoxoBruce 02-16-2019 01:36 AM

:yesnod: :facepalm: :o

Gravdigr 04-07-2019 12:24 PM

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Gravdigr 05-12-2019 03:23 PM

jaminhealth 10-06-2020 09:58 PM

Or for Sissies...Thought I'd be 39 Forever...that was going to be the title of my book I never wrote....Now I'd like to be 82 Forever.....ummmm

Gravdigr 10-08-2020 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 1010759)
I have not yet begun to age.[/paraphrasingJPJ]

Wow, 2018.

I am sooo much older now than I was then.

Gravdigr 10-18-2020 06:02 PM

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glatt 10-18-2020 06:45 PM

Thank you. I had good chuckle about the nickels.

BigV 10-23-2020 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by Gravdigr (Post 1032349)

goddammit, I love this video

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